Lifetime Warranty

Why does every 824 Coatings floor come with a Lifetime Warranty? We want our customers to utilize their floors confidently, even if epoxy is one of the most durable surfaces on the market. Our Lifetime Warranty guards against product breakdowns and damage from typical daily use for both you and your floor.

Everything that we deem to be "normal use" is covered by our Lifetime Warranty. This is a fancy way of expressing that we've got your back if there's a problem with the materials we used or how we used them. The top two reasons for failure are as follows:

Delamination. The most frequent failure of garage flooring is delamination. It happens because the base coat is beginning to peel off the floor due to a weak bond between it and the concrete.

Physical Abrasion. We know the garage can be utilized for various purposes, such as a home gym, a workshop, a place to store toys, etc. It will be beaten up! 824 Coatings will send someone to take care of you if you scrape, chip, or break your floor.

We designed our warranty because we wanted to cover any incidental damages consumers might sustain while using the product. However, a few limits are listed here for the sake of transparency.

Customer Negligence. Included in this are, but not limited to:

-Hot tires, spilled grease, oil, fuel, transmission fluid, battery acid, or other chemicals bring stains.
-Lack of cleaning, excessive use, excessive heat exposure, or scrubbing/buffing equipment can cause discoloration or dullness
-Rusting objects require protection between the floor coating and the metal object to prevent discoloration. Only Breathable Mats are permitted for usage with coating. The coating will become discolored if the mats are not absorbent.

Concrete Cracking. No method prevents coating cracking or re-cracking due to ground movement, concrete heaving, shifting, popping, or settling.

Waterproofing. Although our system's application significantly improves protection against water and moisture intrusion, it is not meant to serve as a waterproofing solution. We make no promises that regions below the concrete will not experience water leakage or intrusion.

Low Spots/ Pooling/ Drainage. While epoxy is thicker than other concrete coverings, epoxy won't make your concrete's low spots disappear. If you had pooling before our application, it likely would still occur. We do not market or design our coating system as a concrete leveling system. Since there is no longer a porous surface (raw concrete) for water to absorb, extra water will gather on the surface of your floor. The coating will shield the concrete from water absorption and subsequent cracking without altering water drainage.

Appearance. The coating is merely decorative. Although every effort will be taken to hide any damage, faults, or imperfections in the existing concrete, they can still be visible after the final coat. The look of coated stem walls may differ from a floor finish. However, every effort will be taken to maintain uniformity. The final finish or texture may differ after completion due to the uneven nature and variance in the coarseness of the concrete at the outset. Additionally, the final coating can differ from the sample that was offered.

This Lifetime Warranty is exclusive to the property owner at the time of contracting and is not transferable.

If you need a repair that is not covered by our warranty, 824 Coatings will work with you. Our repair fee is the product and labor cost of the repair. Despite our best efforts, 824 Coatings cannot guarantee that the coatings and chip colors will match exactly.

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