Residential Epoxy Flooring Los Angeles

Upgrade your home's flooring with the strength and beauty of residential epoxy.

Epoxy Garage Flooring In Los Angeles
Residential Epoxy Flooring Los Angeles

Epoxy floors for residential use

Do you want a floor that looks good, performs for years and requires minimum upkeep? Decorative epoxy floor coatings from 824 Coatings might be the solution.

We specialize in a range of decorative floor finishes that are ideal for every part of your home, from your bathroom and kitchen to your living room, basement, laundry room and garage.

Our interior epoxy floor coatings are stain, scratch and abrasion resistant. Thanks to their seamless, non-porous surface, they don't harbor bacteria, allergens, dirt and dust, making them a hypoallergenic floor.

They also do not emit any harbor VOCs making them ideal for busy homes with pets.

We offer epoxy floors in bright, light-reflective solid colors, terrazzo-like flake floors and metallic epoxy floors that can imitate marble, granite, wood and stone.

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Outdoor Concrete Floor resurfacing

Have your outdoor concrete surfaces started showing signs of wear and tear? Have they faded or cracked, or has weed started growing through them?

If your patio, pool deck, walkway or driveway has never been sealed and protected against the elements, the chances of cracks appearing and water slowly soaking into your foundations are big. If left untreated, these can result in having to replace your concrete surfacing or having to deal with moisture issues in your home.

With 824 Coatings decorative outdoor epoxy coatings, we can protect your patio, pool deck or driveway while increasing your curb appeal and your property value.

Our epoxy flake and epoxy quartz are the perfect decorative protection for every outdoor surface.

These two floor systems are easy to clean and maintain. They are water and weatherproof, can resist chips, stains, cracks and fading under the harsh Californian sun and, most importantly, provide an anti-slip surface.

We offer a wide range of color blends for vinyl flakes and quartz granules to match any exterior.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing in Los Angeles

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